Our Vision

“We envision creating a space wherein community members congregate to negotiate meaning in physical, cultural, emotional, social, linguistic, artistic, and individual contexts. ”

Our Mission

“At the SEED Adult and Family Learning Community, we define and redefine our communities, our realities, and ourselves by creating and sharing knowledge in language and literacy classes and through community engagement.”

English as a Second Language Classes

We are currently involved in two distinct English language learning opportunities:

Through a partnership with the Department of English Language Learners at the Austin Independent School District, we offer our flagship program - the Adult English Literacy and Leadership Program, housed at J. Houston Elementary in Southeast Austin. 



Through a partnership with Nuestro Grupo's Academia Cuauhtli, the Multilingual Team at the Austin Independent School District, and the Mexican American Cultural Center, we are offering English language classes to parents. 

Our Future Aspirations

At The SEED, we exist in a present shaped by our past, and we work towards a better future. We have some specific growth in mind, and we are always interested to plan together.  Click on the diagram to the right to learn more!