Cinco de Mayo Health Fair

May 5, 2015    

     The Austin Project - in combination with AISD, Go Austin! Vamos Austin!, and other entities put on a wonderful health and wellbeing fair at Mendez Middle School, where The SEED currently conducts our English Literacy and Leadership classes.  We were invited to sell some healthy foods to raise some funds, and we did just that!
      Check out the short video recap!

     Really proud of our community.  First, we got input on decisions for the fundraiser from everyone in the class.  We also saw everyone step up and contribute - many both time and fruit, cups, agua fresca, forks or other necessities.  All told, we sold about 35 ears of beautiful steamed corn, probably 30 fruit cups, and 40 aguas.  All told, we made a couple hundred dollars, which will help us to pay for storage of our 2 storage units that house about $80,000 worth of materials just waiting for a home!

Check out a sneak peak at our stuff here

Thanks to all the folks from The SEED who participated, along with the other great organizations who were there - providing health screenings, information, and fun to the community!