Gardening at Mendez!

      Everyday, we make choices with consequences.  Food choices are no different, and yet we often don't consider the power of our choosing this or that to eat.  Our friends at the Sustainable Food Center think a lot about this - and they help in a supportive way for the rest of us to do the same.  Their Spread the Harvest program has helped facilitate our renovation of a number of garden beds at Mendez Middle School, where our classes currently happen.              Check out the video:


       Growing and raising food isn't something that is totally new to most of us.  In fact, many of us have a number of profound experiences that link us to the food we eat and the origins thereof.  I'm happy to have the support of three members of The SEED's Adult Literacy and Leadership class who have taken leadership roles in the garden.
       Lilia, Nicandro, and Juanita have stepped up and made this thing work, and we have them to thank for every ounce of fresh, organic, healthy fruit or vegetable.  They're handling their duties beautifully, developing some leadership skills, and learning a lot of English in the process.     
      I hope we can have some workdays in the future that will be open to the community.  We'll keep you posted!