Taking Over UT Austin!

      Recently, we heard about Pedagogies of Power: Mobilizing Community Ways of Knowing, Being, and Teaching, a conference at the University of Texas at Austin created by the Cultural Studies in Education department.  We submitted a proposal and were accepted!
      Of course, rather than simply talk about mobilizing voices, we actually mobilized voices! We also created a video from a conversation about pedagogy, adult education experiences, and how The SEED is different.  It was a very important conversation, and one that should be happening in every classroom often - whether it's adult education, K-12, or higher ed! Here's a short video recap:


       I'm proud to say that our approach to the conference presentation was a manifestation of the topic.  Instead of the founder or teacher presenting his ideas about how we empower, we physically entered the space to talk about our experiences.  The participants of The SEED dominated the space, expressing with grace, power, and beauty the challenges and successes they have experienced as learners and teachers.     
      Finally, I hope this kind of experience can continue to foster a direct and mutual connection between "the Academy" and practitioners in "the Field."  It's absolutely crucial, especially in adult education, that the research and ideas bouncing around within academic spaces are both shared with and incorporate the experiences of the folks who are taking direct action within classrooms and other educational spaces.
      Our taking this step is yet another way in which The SEED is different.  We recognize the connections between what happens in academia and what occurs in other pedagogical spaces - and we work to reconcile the two, all the while striving for democracy!