Do You Feel Safe in Your Neighborhood?

I normally feel very safe in my neighborhood.  We have some great neighbors who communicate anything strange.  When we have visitors, we tell them it is safe to walk in the neighborhood any time of day or night.  Last night, I saw three men yelling and fighting across the street.  Later in the night, two Austin Police Department vehicles were driving up and down my street with bright lights searching for a man.  He robbed Subway and they thought he had a gun.  They thought he was hiding on my street.  These two events in one night made me think about the safety around our home.  What about you?

1. Do you spend a lot of time outside near your home?

2. Do you feel safe at night around your home?

3. If you have children, are you comfortable with them being outside?

4. Do you trust the Austin Police Department to help you if you needed it?