Remembering Our Ancestors

Many of you at The SEED have asked where Truett's name came from.  My maternal grandfather was named Truett Gibson Hull, and Yvonne and I liked the name for our child.  Unfortunately, he died when he was very young - just 38 years old, and I never met him.  From all the stories, it sounds like he was very intelligent, caring, and warm.  I wish I had met him.

I was very lucky to know his wife, my grandmother.  Lois Kirkpatrick was one of the smartest people I ever met, and she inspired me to continue learning throughout my life.  She read more than any person I know, and even though we had some political disagreements, I loved her very much.  She passed away in 2014, when I was in Boston, and I still think about her often.  Truett was never able to meet her, but I talk about her a lot.

On our trip to Colorado, we drove through Canyon, Texas, where my parents grew up and met.  It is a pretty small town south of Amarillo.  Both my grandparents are buried there, in a beautiful and peaceful place called Dreamland Cemetery.  On our way to our room in Amarillo, we stopped to visit.  We talked with Truett about who these people were and why they were special.  Of course, she was very sweet and almost seemed to understand how to behave in that place.  (She also loved all the flowers!)  I really want her to understand who these people were, and why they were and are still so important to us.

I was thinking about so many things during this visit.  I was really proud of my daughter, and it was a beautiful moment to share with my mom, too.  I was also thinking about my friends at The SEED, and I wanted to know your thoughts on some things.  I would love it if you would answer the questions in the comments.

1. Are there people that you have lost that were a big influence on you?

2.How do you remember them?  (For example, do you look at pictures, read letters, listen to specific music, sit and be quiet, go to a specific place, etc...)

3. For those of you with children, how do you help your kids "know" the important people who have passed away?

4. I know many people are unable to visit family frequently because they live very far away.  How do you help your kids establish relationships with people who do not live close by?   

I miss everyone, but I'm excited to hear from you!

Cameron and Truett
Salida, Colorado