esperanza rising for the masses!

We've been reading Pam Muñoz Ryan's Esperanza Rising during our Wednesday Book Club, which usually has about 6 participants.  It is a voluntary class that we have added for our participants, and we're currently on our second book after having read Charlotte's Web.  The purpose of the Book Club is to really enjoy the process of reading over a long period of time, sharing the experience with others, and allowing yourself to connect with the characters, the settings, and the events in the narrative.

As a participant in the Book Club, I am so impressed with how well people connect to the story and how well their memories function when they are connected.  I wanted the folks who don't attend the Book Club to see that learning on display, and to see how passionate our readers are.  So, today we recapped what we've read so far during our full class, hoping to inspire some folks to stay for today's chapter, Los Aguacates, the Avocados.  Sure enough, most people stuck around and we had a much larger reading group than normal.  Hopefully today will convince a few more to jump in, especially as we select a new book for the beginning of the summer!  

Barbie Books!

I was really happy to see that Irene listened to her kids and read to them what they wanted to read.  Clearly, reading Barbie was of great interest, and Irene read 3 Barbie-themed books in a day!

We like to celebrate that our community and our families are diverse - in language, interests, and taste in books!  


The story of cesar chavez

Words that describe the book - Historic, activist, nonviolent, dignity;

New words from the book  strike, both, join, hold, even, whatever, spread;

•I finished the book and I recommend it


charlottesweb (1).jpg

Charlotte's WEb - E.B. White

As part of a weekly book club, about 8 participants have been reading a chapter or two of Charlotte's Web each week.  We meet on Wednesdays after class and discuss.

Congrats to Mariluz and Christian who got so into the book that they finished it already!  

OUr littlest reader!

Our participant, Janency, took a break from new-mothering to bring her sweet Marian to visit today.  What a peach!  

It doesn't take a genius to see that little ones involved in communities like ours have a great start on building a love for literacy and story!  What better gift from mother to child!?



•I chose this book because it is easy to understand.

•I like the Amazon because it's an important part of our planet

New words from the book  untold, throbbed



THE POT THAT JUAN BUILT - Nancy andrews-goebel

I was really excited to read and recommend this book, which is illustrated by Caldecott Medal winner David Díaz.  It is great for English language learners because it includes some really accessible language, but there's also a text-heavy biography of Juan Quezada, a world-renowned potter in Casas Grandes, Chihuahua, México.

Christian has also read this book on my recommendation!

a budding mlk scholar!

SEED participant Susana commented that her son was interested in Dr. MLK, Jr.  Luckily, we have a number of texts that celebrate his life and work from different perspectives.

Interestingly, Susana said her son was very focused on comparing the texts, going back and forth to discover similarities and differences.  A budding critical scholar! 


THE GREAT RACE of birds and animals - paul goble

Words that describe the book - Interesting, funny, cultural

New words from the book  chins, stood, sped, panting, curled up

•I finished reading this book and I recommend to others to read it, they will find interesting things about all religion all around the world.




It's always fun to see the reactions of people to books that were formative in your life!  It was great to see Joling read Cloudy With a Chance of Meatballs, and to hear her explanation of it afterwards!  

It was also interesting to hear her describe the book, considering she was one of only a few who hadn't seen the movies!